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What Is The Cause Of The Loss Of Enzymes?
May 21, 2018

A person's enzyme storage and energy garrison is directly proportional to the increase of age, the enzyme is slowly maximized to reduce, to reduce to the human body to do metabolism, people will die. In the field of controlling and eradicating infectious diseases, the bioengineering design exhibition has a significant effect on the prevention of biological products and has the best benefit in public health measures. It is not only a country or a region, but also a worldwide measure. The WHO (WHO) issued a declaration in 1966 that it eliminated the smallpox worldwide in 10 years, and officially declared smallpox eliminated on the earth in 1980. In 1978, WHO also launched the expanded immunization programme (EPI) for the purpose of immunization of children worldwide.

If coffee, a high protein diet, or other stimulants (Dope) unnormally stimulate metabolism, the metabolic rate will increase quickly, the enzyme will be used up quickly, and people will have the illusion of energetic. But the subsequent result is energy loss, enzymes burning faster, and eventually aging.

Brown University has overfed 158 animals, and these animals have survived for 29.6 days on average. The other group did not feed, fed only a little food and water, but they lived on average for 39.19 days and their life expectancy increased by 40%. This experiment can also let us pay attention to (attention) whether to eat too much.

High protein (protein) diet is exuberant, but it can cause serious damage to the body. Excessive amounts of protein intake in the body must be stimulated by ferment from the liver and kidney (Urea) to stimulate the renal breakdown. The by-product of decomposition is urea, a urea for diuretics, and urea stimulates the kidneys to produce more urine. But minerals in human body are easily excreted with urine, and the loss of calcium (Ca) is the most serious.


The results of the experiment (Experiment) showed that (zh e ng m ng), a daily intake of 75 grams of protein (protein) and up to 1.4 grams of calcium (Ca), more calcium in the body would be removed from the urine instead of being absorbed by the human body.

The loss of calcium (Ca) must be supplemented by calcium storage in bones, which will lead to osteoporosis in the long run.

The above experiments (Experiment) have proved that excessive intake of protein (protein) or food can lead to the loss of (cause) enzymes, vitamins and inorganic salts.

There is a group of scientists at the University of Toronto who have found that life and the rate of metabolism (the measurement of human loss or the rate of tissue decomposition, and the proportion of aging) has a direct correlation. The decomposition of the body tissue depends on the enzyme, the faster the rate, and the more consume.

Our enzyme (ferment) reserves can be quickly exhausted or stored. Eating enzyme supplements and eating raw foods are all ways to increase enzyme storage and body energy.

Dr Javier further said: "enzymes are a true indicator of target aim, and are also important ways to calculate the vitality of living organisms. The so-called energy, vitality, nerve energy and physical strength are all synonymous words of Hu D ng.

Our inference is that the structure and decomposition of the tissue are all performed by ferment, in other words, the metabolism in the body depends on the enzyme. When the body's enzyme is reduced (reduce), the metabolic rate will slow and the energy is reduced.

This is to say that the amount of ferment is directly proportional to the vitality and energy of the tissues of living organisms. As a high and new technology subject, biotechnology exhibition must be cultivated in a long time to show a certain effect in the practical application, so you will have a lot of space to develop unless you start to devote yourself to this industry and read the blog. At the same time, because of the excessive investment in biotechnology, the limited state funds and the development of some colleges and universities, the level of domestic colleges and universities is very wide, so we should choose carefully. Biologic fermentation company generally thinks that it is based on the theory and technology of Biology (especially microbiology, genetics, biochemistry and cytology), combined with modern engineering technology such as chemical engineering, machinery, electronic computer and so on, and fully uses the latest achievements in molecular biology to consciously manipulate genetic material and change directionally. A new species with super distant traits is created in a short period of time, and a new technology is developed to produce a large number of useful metabolites or to play their unique physiological functions through a suitable bioreactor for large-scale cultivation of such "engineering bacteria" or "engineering cell lines".