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What Is Biopharmaceutics?
May 28, 2018

1. Professional introduction: bio-pharmaceutical is life science combined with modern engineering emerging interdisciplinary, the professional to biological information detection and processing as the main line, culture has both biomedical knowledge, but also has engineering application foundation of scientific research, engineering technology and management of senior personnel. The training objective is to equip students with the research, development, application and management ability of biomedical engineering and electronic information. Biology pharmacy major training students with strong basic knowledge, wide employment caliber.

2. Major courses: math, science, engineering, medicine, basis, principle and application of computer, information processing, control theory, sensor technology, quantitative physiology, biology, medicine and environmental protection equipment, etc.

3. Where to graduate: this major graduates have biomedical engineering, medical electronic technology and other aspects of basic theory, professional knowledge and engineering skills. In addition to graduates who continue to study for a master's degree, they are mainly assigned to research institutes, institutions of higher learning, large enterprises and institutions and high-tech companies for research, design, development and management.