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Victims Of The Diethylene Glycol Accident Against The Government Of Panama
Jun 11, 2018

    Many years ago, the Panamanian government caused a large number of people to be poisoned with diethylene glycol due to management negligence. Recently, 102 more victims of the medical accident filed new complaints with the judiciary. In the event of a failure, the Government of Panama will be forced to pay compensation of up to $300 million to the victims of the accident.
    The Panamanian "Free Review" reported on April 11 that the plaintiff's lawyer Weike•tuoouluobiao, accompanied by several victims and family members, recently told the media: "The number of plaintiffs in this case has so far accumulated. More than 300 people. They all file complaints in their individual capacity, not collectively, since the situation is different for each victim. We hope to secure $6 million for each victim. "

    Diethylene glycol is known to be a highly toxic substance commonly used for industrial cooling. In 2003, the Panama Social Security Fund purchased approximately 9,000 kilograms of high-purity glycerin from Medicom, from Lasifeier, Spain, in order to produce a syrup for the treatment of colds. ) Purchased another batch of the same raw materials. It turns out that the syrup eventually produced is not suitable for humans. This is the most serious public health accident in Panamanian history.

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