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Trade War Between China And The United States
Mar 23, 2018

In March 22nd, Trump decided to impose a tariff increase on Chinese products. The Chinese government responded in March 23rd to the end of the trade war. What is the impact of this on our trading companies? China is the world's largest production base for pharmaceutical intermediates, raw materials and fine chemicals. The increase in American tariffs will directly lead to a sharp decrease in the number of chemical products exported to the United States. But the annual demand for drugs in the world is stable. We will increase the sales of European and Asian markets in the future. Or through Europe and the rest of Asia as a transit station to sell the United States. Chemical products dealers in the United States will also face great challenges. This is quite different from the pressure of the ordinary product. The plan of our company in 2018 is to open up the European market, especially the Eastern European market, to further expand the sales range of the products. Make a contribution to the promotion of China's chemical products in the world