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The Price For Bromodiphenylmethane CAS No:776-74-9 Is Getting Higher Than Before
Mar 30, 2018

Bromodiphenylmethane CAS No:776-74-9 this product is a fine chemical provided by Hangzhou Shitai Biotech for customers. The price of the product rose from 15W/MT in 2012 to the current 22W/mt. With the rising prices of raw materials on the market, our company will further adjust the sales price of the product. In general, as Chinese government attaches great importance to environmental protection, many local governments have abandoned the deterioration of the ecological environment in exchange for the rapid growth of GDP. Shut down and rectify a large number of enterprises with aging equipment and serious pollution. The supply of raw materials is temporarily strained. But it has a good effect on the sustainable development of future products and enterprises. In the future, our company will also make adjustments to the positioning of the products and companies to fit the pace of the government and enterprises.