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The Development Prospect Of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry.
May 23, 2018

Biopharmaceutical professional feature is biological pharmaceutical has become one of the fastest growing industry in the international and domestic, in the 21st century is the century of biotechnology, biological pharmaceutical has become the focus of solve China's high-tech development.

In the shadow of the global financial crisis, the emerging countries' pharmaceutical market is doing well. China, as one of the bric countries, is also a bright spot in the biopharmaceuticals market. Arrangements for the national development and reform commission of new central investment 442 million yuan, support, biomedical engineering, biological medicine, biological breeding special and high technology industrialization national biological industry base for the construction of the special conditions of construction of public service. This has injected new impetus into the future development of biopharmaceuticals.

Even after years of development, China biological medicine industry has a good foundation, but compared with advanced countries in the world of biological medicine industry, biological medicine industry in China still exist some gaps. The development of Chinese bio-pharmaceutical industry from research to industrialization will be a difficult road. Governments from the state to local governments have intensified their efforts to support the development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. By 2020, China will basically achieve industrialization and build a sound socialist market economy and a more dynamic and open economic system. At the same time, the social security system is relatively sound, which will form a relatively perfect modern medical and health system. These two factors will create huge market space and good development environment for the biomedical industry.


Overall, the future of China's biopharmaceutical industry is promising and promising. Looking ahead, China's bio-pharmaceutical industry will continue to grow. In the future, China's biological and biochemical products industry will continue to develop rapidly.

The investment analysis and forecast report of China's biopharmaceutical industry from 2009 to 2012 released by cic consultants is 15 chapters. Firstly introduces the definition of biopharmaceutical, raw material source, characteristics and classification, etc., and then analyzes the present situation of domestic and international biological pharmaceutical industry, and biological and biochemical products in China manufacturing industry statistics has carried on the detailed analysis, and concretely introduces the blood products, vaccines, genetic engineering drugs, antibody engineering, the development of diagnostic reagents. Then report to regional development, analysis has been done for the biopharmaceutical industry, domestic and foreign enterprises operating performance, industry competition analysis and investment analysis, finally analyzed the future prospect and development trend of biological pharmaceutical industry. If you want to have a systematic understanding of the biopharmaceuticals industry or want to invest in biopharmaceuticals, this report is an essential tool for you: big demand.

Pay levels: because of medical sectors covered by the engineer, unit of choose and employ persons and everyone has a different degree, ability, so it is a professional salaries has great flexibility, general college graduates in 3000 yuan a month.

Career prospects: the prospect of comprehensive talents combining biology, medicine and engineering technology is promising. This type of talent requires two skills: new product development and instrumentation. The field of biomedical engineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics, medical and health departments and other relevant units have a strong demand for such talents...

Professional characteristics

Professional prospects biotech drugs has been widely used in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, anemia, dysplasia, diabetes, heart failure, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis and some rare genetic diseases. Many big drug companies are facing a glut of patents that are about to expire, and the product backlog is so inadequate that they have to look for new drugs from life sciences companies. New drug discovery techniques have made it cheaper, faster and more accurate to find ways to target specific diseases.

Professional prospects

China is most populous country in the world, however, the number of people engaged in the research and development of biotechnology industry in 17000, the number of production and management for 09000, worth only a quarter of the biotechnology industry population in the United States. The research and development of biomedical products is a serious shortage, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's biomedicine industry.

Therefore, the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry in China is in urgent need of a large number of senior medical professionals.