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Quality Control Of Packaging Materials
Jan 09, 2018

Whether the drug is safe, whether the drug has undesirable impurities, whether the drug dissolution rate meets the design requirements, whether the drug absorption and metabolism are effective, and whether the selection of the drug packaging material is reasonable or not - is the concern of pharmaceutical companies. As a professional third party agency, ICAS Ingel's testing technology has set up a special testing laboratory for pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical packaging materials and has implemented a one-stop service from pharmaceutical raw materials to finished pharmaceutical products. Help pharmaceutical companies to control the quality of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical packaging materials, evaluate the consistency of generic drugs with original pharmaceuticals, and assist enterprises in the registration of pharmaceutical packaging materials and generic drugs. Detection range is not limited to APIs, pharmaceutical excipients, finished drugs (oral preparations, injection preparations, eye drops, ear drops, sprays, topical preparations), pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.

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