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New ROS For Piperazine Anhydrous In Hangzhou Shitai Biotech
May 08, 2018

Hangzhou Shitai Biotech Co., Ltd will update the production technology and equipment of piperazine anhydrous in the near future. Our company will give up its original production route from raw material ethanolamine to 68%piperazine. The main reason is that the production of raw materials from ethanolamine will cause a lot of waste water and waste gas to deal with. From the 68%piperazine line, you can get the final product directly. It saves a lot of manpower and equipment, which can effectively reduce the cost and environmental pressure. After 2 years of experiments, the stability of the raw materials of the products has been increased, and the quality of the products has been relatively stable, which has been recognized by the customers.