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Increasing The Temperature Of The Stirring Solution Reduces The Dissolution Time
Jan 10, 2018

Polyacrylamide solution preparation, the general use of mechanical stirring. Mechanical stirring speed has a greater impact on the solution preparation time, but too large stirring speed, will cause the degradation of polyacrylamide solution, so that some polyacrylamide long chain fracture, affecting the settlement effect, it must be strictly controlled mechanical stirring speed. In a 1M diameter mixing barrel speed of not more than 800 RPM, 1.5 ~ 2M diameter stirring speed of not more than 600RPM. Increase the temperature of the stirring solution can reduce the dissolution time, but the water temperature does not exceed 55 ℃, otherwise it will cause degradation, affecting the use effect.

Polyacrylamide solution must be formulated using special equipment, strictly prevent the co-use with other coagulants, or in a dosing pool co-dosing, otherwise it will produce two agents precipitation, not only affect its effectiveness, but also easy to plug cast Add equipment.

As the polyacrylamide solution is a drag reducing agent, and water calibration value of the larger gap. Therefore, polyacrylamide solution metering equipment must be used to calibrate the solution, not with water calibration. Otherwise it will increase the dosage of polyacrylamide, both to increase processing costs, but also cause unnecessary consequences.

Polyacrylamide solution dosing concentration of the more dilute, the better the effect, the more dilute dosing concentration enables the rapid expansion of the solution in water, fully mixed to prevent the concentration of colloids to protect the phenomenon of high impact. However, the concentration is too thin will result in a huge investment equipment. The general dosage concentration of 0.5% to 1% is appropriate, the preparation of the concentration of 2% is appropriate.