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Huperzine A Check
Sep 07, 2018

Huperzine a

[check] the solubility of acidic solution: take 5mg of this product, add 0.1mol/L hydrochloric acid solution 5ml to dissolve, and the solution should be clarified. The substance was taken, dissolved in 0.01mol/L hydrochloric acid solution and made into a solution containing 0.1mg in each 1ml, which was used as the test solution. An appropriate amount was accurately measured and 0.01mol/L hydrochloric acid solution was used to make a solution containing 2.5 milliliters of g in every 1ml, as the control solution. According to content determination under the chromatographic conditions, take 20 mu l reference solution into the liquid chromatograph, adjust the detection sensitivity, the chromatographic peak of main component of the peak height is approximately 10% of full scale, and precision measuring each 20 mu l solution and reference solution, injection liquid chromatograph respectively, record chromatograph chart to 2 times of retention time of chromatographic peak of main component. If there are impurity peaks in the chromatogram of the sample solution, the peak area of each impurity shall not be greater than the main peak area of the control solution (2.5%). Take this product is about 0.3 g dry weight loss, in 80 ℃ decompression drying to constant weight, reduce weight loss may not be over 4.0%

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