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Huperzine A
Aug 27, 2018

Huperzine a has strong cholinomimetic activity and is a highly effective cholinesterase inhibitor, which has a reversible selective inhibitory effect on eucholinesterase. To facilitate the transmission of neuro-muscular neurotransmitters. It can significantly improve the level of acetylcholine, promote memory recovery and enhance memory. The characteristics of the effect are similar to that of neostigmine, but the duration of the effect is longer than that of neostigmine. The memory enhancement effect was stronger than that of poisonous lentil base, but the toxicity was lower. Experimental results showed that huperzine a can promote the learning process of brightness and dark resolution in rats and reverse the memory impairment caused by scopolamine. Clinical studies have shown that huperzine a can improve memory, cognition and behavior in alzheimer's patients, which is significantly different from the placebo group.