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Hangzhou Shitai Biotech Will Stop The Production Of Bromodiphenylmethane CAS No.:776-74-9
Apr 17, 2018

Hangzhou Shitai Biotech Co., Ltd will stop the production of Bromodiphenylmethane CAS No.: 776-74-9. Our company at the end of March received customer orders for the production of 325kg products. Due to the shortage of raw material Diphenyl methane, our company can't purchase it in the near future. Production is always unable to start. It also has an impact on the customer's production plan. After understanding, due to the environmental regulation in China, harmful gases will be produced in the production of this product, which can not be solved by general plant equipment. Many factories are forced to shut down the rectifications. The raw material has been unable to supply normally. After customer communication, our company will give up this order and apologize for the inconvenience. This is the problem of our company's lack of in-depth understanding of the specific circumstances. Take warning。