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Good Bright Galvanized Effect
Jan 09, 2018

If you want to reflect the plating additives, perfection, in addition to have profound chemistry theory, superb, practical expertise, but also have advanced, innovative thinking ability. Among them, the innovative research and development of electroplating intermediates, additives, developers can master the performance of intermediates, rapid formula design in-depth

Electroplating intermediates in the use of large quantities of plating, brightener carrier, which is an effective and economical method of steel parts protection, because of cheaper zinc, its chemical properties and lively than iron, galvanized When the parts are corroded by the outside world, zinc can sacrifice themselves. The brightener carrier is a plating with a large amount of plating. It is an effective and economical method for the protection of steel parts. Since zinc is cheaper, its chemical properties And lively than iron, galvanized parts corrosion by the outside world when zinc can sacrifice themselves to play a protective role on the substrate. Therefore, brightener carriers are widely used in the fields of machinery industry and electronics industry. Brightener Zinc plating solution has acidic bath and alkaline bath two categories. Acid zinc plating in the past to the sulfate-based zinc plating, the development of gasification of the bath and gasification of the bath, the Niger SJE gas ammonium bath developed rapidly, becoming the main type of acidic zinc. In recent years, it has been found that the additive gasification potassium slightly acidic plating bath has obtained good bright zinc plating effect.