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Determination Of Huperzine - A Content
Aug 31, 2018

Determination by HPLC.

Chromatographic conditions and system suitability test

Using octadecyl silane bonded silica gel as filler; A phosphate buffer (2.72g potassium dihydrogen phosphate was taken, dissolved with water at 1000ml, and adjusted pH value to 2.5 by phosphoric acid) - acetonitrile (86:14) was used as the mobile phase. The detection wavelength is 310nm. The number of theoretical plates shall be calculated no less than 2000 according to the peak of huperzine.


This product was accurately weighed and dissolved with 0.01mol/L hydrochloric acid solution and diluted quantitatively into a solution containing about 40 micromg per 1ml. Then, 20 millil was injected into a liquid chromatograph and the chromatogram was recorded. The reference substance of huperzine a was also taken and measured by the same method. According to the external standard method calculated by peak area, get.