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Colorless Stability Complex
Jan 09, 2018

EDTA can react with many metal ions such as Mn, Cu, Zn, Ni, Co, Ba, Sr, Ca, Mg, Fe, Al etc. to form micro- However, with the exception of Ca2 and Mg2 in aqueous solution, the amount of other metal ions that can be complexed with EDTA is very small and may not be considered. Complexometric titration can therefore be used to determine calcium and magnesium in iron ores and limestone. In the proper pH range, Ca. The complex was first formed with the calcium indicator and then titrated with EDTA. Upon reaching the quantification point, ED-TA captures calcium ions from the indicator complex, rendering the solution the color (endpoint) of the free indicator. According to the consumption of EDTA, you can calculate the calcium content.

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Interfering ions plus masking agent to eliminate, test solution Mn, Fe, Al and other metal content, triethanolamine can be masked. 2ml of 1: 5 triethanolamine solution masks 5-10mg Fe, 10mg Al, 4mg Mn. When the test solution contains a large amount of CO32- or HCO3- should be pre-acidified, heating to remove CO2, negative, due to gradual dissociation of CaCO3 titration end delay.

When Ca is measured alone, if Mg2 in the test solution is more than 5 times that of Ca2, a slight amount of EDTA should be added to Ca2 first with EDTA so that Ca2 first interacts with EDTA to prevent the formation of Mg (OH) 2 precipitate during alkalization Ca2 adsorption. Finally, re-CaCl2 standard solution overdose EDTA. When Ca is measured alone, the indicator used is ammonium perchlorate, calcium indicator (NN) or acid chrome blue K, and the like. Indicators used to determine Ca and Mg contents are Chrome Black T, Acid Chrome Blue K, and the like.