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Classification Of Carboxylic Acid
Nov 07, 2018

In the general RCOOH, R is a fatty hydroxyl or aromatic hydrocarbon group, which is called aliphatic acid or aromatic acid respectively. According to the number of carboxyl groups can be divided into monogenic acid, dibasic acid and polybasic acid. It can also be divided into saturated acid and unsaturated acid.

It is acidic and reacts with the base to form salt. Acyl chloride is commonly reacted with phosphorus trichloride. Dehydrate with phosphorus pentoxide to form anhydride; Ester is formed by reaction with alcohol under the catalysis of acid. It reacts with ammonia to form amide; Alcohols were formed by reduction of LiAlH4. It can be prepared by oxidation of alcohol, aldehyde, unsaturated hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon side chain, hydrolysis of nitrile, or reaction of gliya reagent with dry ice. Straight chain fatty acids with 6 to 18 carbon atoms can be obtained by saponifying oils or waxes from animals and plants