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Character Of Castor Oil
Jul 24, 2018

Character of castor oil

This product is almost colorless or yellowish clear viscous liquid; Gas micro; The taste is mild and then mild. The product is soluble in ethanol and can be mixed with anhydrous ethanol, chloroform, ether or glacial acetic acid. Relative density at 25 ℃ should be 0.956 ~ 0.969 (appendix Ⅶ A). Refractive index should be 1.478 ~ 1.480 (appendix Ⅶ F). ]

Castor oil is treated with concentrated sulfuric acid to obtain sulfuric acid esters with good surface activity. The dry oil fat with conjugate double bonds can be obtained by dehydration of castor oil. Castor oil can be treated with different hydrogenation conditions to obtain a variety of products, so castor oil is widely used in various industrial sectors. Castor oil is the closest to the pure compound glycerin triglycerides. Only olive oil (containing about 80% oleic acid), safflower oil (more than 70% linoleic acid) and tung oil (containing about 85% tung acid) have this feature in common oils.

The unsaponifiable content of castor oil is less than 1%. Low vitamin content (around 0.05).