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Castor Oil Properties
Jul 16, 2018

Castor oil contains a large amount of ricinic acid (more than 80%) and therefore has many unique properties:

1. Easy to dissolve in ethanol, difficult to dissolve in petroleum ether. The presence of this property makes it easier to distinguish castor oil from other oils.

2. The viscosity is much higher than general grease, 680CPS at 25, viscosity index 84, friction coefficient is very low (0.1).

Castor oil has good fluidity, and refined castor oil can still flow at -22, and -50 is ideal for lubricating oil and power belt protection in aviation and high-speed machinery.

3. It has strong rotatory properties because its main fatty acid, asymmetric carbon atoms in ricin acid, is behind 12.

4. The dielectric constant is about 4.30, which is the highest in common grease.

5. The relative density and acetyl value of castor oil were higher than that of general oil.

6. Castor oil is a typical non-oxidized liquid oil with good storage stability and little oxidative acidification in the air.