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Bendamustine Origin
Dec 03, 2018

      Bendamustine hydrochloride was first developed in the early 1860s by Ozegowski and colleagues at the Microbial Testing Association in Jena, Germany. The purpose of the synthesis is to attach an alkylated nitrogen mustard, a non-functional alkylating agent, to a hydrazine and an amino acid. The main advantage of the newly synthesized compound compared to chlorambucil is its water solubility. Anger et al. disclosed the initial clinical results of the successful application of bendamustine in plasmacytoma patients. Bendamustine was produced by Jena Pharmaceuticals from 1971 to 1992 under the trade name Cytostasan. Since 1993, this cytostatic agent has been marketed under the trade name Ribomustine by ribosepharm GmbH.