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Antibacterial Effect, The Scope Of Application
Jan 09, 2018

Domiphen also known as Du Fenfen, Du Mei Fen, disinfection Ning, disinfection Ling. White or yellowish crystals, odorless or microstrip with very smelly, slightly bitter taste with soap, easily soluble in ethanol and chloroform, soluble in water, almost insoluble in ether. To brominated dodecane and phenoxy ethyl dimethylamine as raw materials in the system. Commonly used domiphen bromide bromide. As a cationic surfactant broad-spectrum bactericide, its role in alkaline enhanced. Can be used for adjuvant treatment of oral and throat infections and disinfection of skin, wound infections and surgical instruments. Preparations are tablets, solutions.

For medical equipment (plus 0.5% sodium nitrite rust) and dairy farms, food storage and disinfection of utensils and equipment for the cationic surfactants, easily adsorbed by bacteria and produce bactericidal effect. Its antibacterial effect, scope of application and precautions are similar with benzalkonium bromide. Strong disinfection, toxicity. Bactericidal effect in alkaline environment increased, while in soap, acidic organic matter, pus and blood is reduced. For the skin, mucous membranes, local infections and disinfection of equipment.

The precise amount of content determination under the solution 25ml, according to the method of determining the amount of content under the "homeopathic funnel" starting with hydrochloric acid titration solution (0.1mol / L) 10ml instead of sodium hydroxide solution (0.1mol / L ) 10ml, with the law. Calculate the difference in volumes of potassium iodate titration solution (0.05 mol / L) consumed per 1 g of mifefan at both the assay and the non-quaternary titration, not to exceed 0.5 ml.