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New high-energy beam plating skills
Jan 09, 2018

Electroplating intermediates On the laser plating skills, laser plating is a new type of high-energy beam plating technology, which is of great significance for the production and repair of microelectronic devices and large scale integrated circuits. Now, while the laser plating principle, laser ablation, plasma laser deposition and laser eruptions are still under study, but its skills have been practical. When a succession of laser or pulsed laser light shines on the cathode surface of the plating cell, not only can the metal build-up be greatly improved, but the computer's controlled orbit of the laser beam can be used to obtain the desired shinily unprinted geometry of the pattern. In the 1980s, a new technique of laser eutectic plating was developed. By combining the laser plating technique with the eruption of the plating solution, the laser and the plating solution were simultaneously emitted to the cathode surface. The mass transfer speed greatly exceeded the laser irradiation The micro-mixing mass transfer rate, so as to reach a high accumulation rate. Laser plating is a classic combination of classical technology and modern skills, is a new type of high-energy beam plating skills.

Electroplating intermediates manufacturers noted that these years, alkaloids derivatives as alkaloids in the domestic market began to appear, because the main component of alkaloids are herbs and plants extract some of the ingredients, so although a certain alkaline, But with the traditional base or have a certain difference. In addition, since alkaloids are active and can be mixed with other drugs into the human body, the alkaloids at this stage are mainly used in the medical field, and are generally used for the purpose of reducing paralytic nerves and sterilizing the body pain.

But everything has two sides, alkaloids will make people's blood flow slowed down after long-term use will make people unwilling to move, so there is a certain medical controversy, but the emergence of alkaloids or to show us another Direction of development. With the rapid development of the entire industry, more alkaline products will bring surprises.

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