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Lubricating oils and fats have a strong emulsifying effect
Jan 10, 2018

Used as detergent additives, can also be used for petroleum, metallurgy, mining, paper making, water treatment. Mainly used as a synthetic detergent builder for soap synergist and bar soap grease to prevent precipitation and blooming. Strong lubricating oil and fat emulsifying effect, can be used to adjust the pH of the buffer solution. Industrial water softener. Leather --- agent. Dyeing aid. Paint, kaolin, magnesia, calcium carbonate and other industries suspended in the preparation of dispersants. Drilling mud dispersant. Paper industry used as oil repellent. Food industry for cans, fruit drinks, dairy products, soy milk and other quality improvers, moisture retention agent. Mainly for the tender canned ham, bean soya bean hull softening, can also be used as a softener and thickener.

Moisture retention agent, quality improver, pH adjuster, metal chelator. China's "Hygienic Standard for the Use of Food Additives" (GB2760-2011) stipulates that the maximum amount of canned fruit juice (fruity drink) and vegetable protein beverage is 1.0g / kg; dairy products, poultry products, meat products, ice cream, Instant noodles, the maximum amount of 5.0g / kg.

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