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Biopharmaceutical technology book information
Jun 04, 2018

Introduction to the

"Modern biotechnology series" is a set of high-quality books specially designed and grandly launched by the chemical industry press, which has been listed as the national key books of the tenth five-year plan by the general administration of press and publication of China. This set of books was written by Mr. Jiao ruishen, a famous biotechnologist in China, as the director of the compilation committee, and by experts and scholars in the fields of scientific research, teaching and industry.

Biopharmaceutical technology is a comprehensive introduction to biopharmaceutical technology. This book starts with the research and development of modern biopharmaceutical technology, including genome technology, high-throughput drug screening technology, chiral synthesis, combinatorial biosynthesis, biochip and other technologies. Then, according to the method of biological pharmaceutical microbial pharmaceutical, new type fermentation technology of pharmaceutical and biological transformation, genetically modified (gm) pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical antibody engineering, such as cell culture, Marine biological pharmacy chapter detailed introduction for drug production; Finally, two key technologies of separation and purification and molecular breeding were introduced.

This book cited a large number of literature, reflects the technology both at home and abroad and the research trend in this field, for scientific research and technical personnel in the field of biological medicine system is a very good technical information and reference. The introduction of various pharmaceutical methods, combined with theory and practice, is a good reference for students of relevant majors and technicians of similar majors to study and deepen their knowledge in the field of biopharmaceutical


The first chapter is the method and progress of contemporary biopharmaceutical technology

Section 1 improvement of drug screening model, high-throughput screening and virtual screening

The second section explores new sources of drugs from microbes and oceans

Section 3 combined biosynthesis and surface display technology

Section 4 biotechnology

Section 5 microbial genome

Section 6 biological chiral synthesis technology


Chapter ii microbial pharmaceuticals

Section 1 microbial drugs

Section 2 nucleic acids, nucleotides and nucleotides

Section 3 medicinal amino acids

Section 4 other medicinal products produced by microorganisms


Chapter iii new fermentation technology pharmaceuticals

Section 1 the basis of microbial fermentation technology for pharmaceutical production

Section 2 technology of microbial fermentation and pharmacy

Section 3 microbial fermentation tank and parameter detection

Section 4 in-situ fermentation and continuous fermentation

Section 5 new technology of microbial fermentation and pharmacy


Chapter iv biological transformation and drug synthesis

Section 1 microbial (enzyme) transformation and chiral synthesis

Section 2 biological transformation of steroid drugs

Section 3 preparation of biological transformation and single amino acids

Section 4 biological transformation of type D pantothenate

Section 5 biological transformation of unsaturated fatty acids

Section 6 the bioconversion of glucose-oxidizing bacteria with vitamin C and a- glucosidase inhibitor miglitol

Section 7 biological transformation and preparation of R- (+) thiocic acid

Section 8 biological transformation of other important species

Section 9 research and application of new bioconversion system


Chapter v transgenic pharmaceuticals

Section 1 pharmacy of genetically modified animals

Section 2 genetic engineering of plant medicine


Chapter vi antibody engineering pharmaceuticals

Section 1 antibody molecules and related immunological problems

Section 2 polyclonal antibodies

Section 3 monoclonal antibodies

Section 4 development of genetically engineered antibodies

Section 5 application of antibodies in biomedical science

Section 6 pilot test and industrialization of engineering antibodies


Chapter vii cell culture technology pharmaceuticals

Section 1 mammalian cell culture

Section 2 plant tissue cell culture

Section 3 insect cell culture


Chapter viii Marine biopharmaceutics

Section 1 research on active components of Marine microorganisms and development of pharmaceuticals

Section 2 research on active components of Marine animals and plants and development of pharmaceuticals

Section 3 research and application of Marine toxins

Section 4 current situation of Marine drug research and countermeasures of China in this research field


Chapter ix separation and purification technology of biopharmaceutical

Section 1 cell and tissue fragmentation

Section 2 precipitation

Section 3 solvent extraction

Section 4 chromatographic analysis


Chapter x molecular breeding technology of microorganism in pharmaceutical industry

Section 1 traditional mutation screening techniques

Section two gene cloning

Section 3 combinatorial biosynthesis

Section 4 directional evolution

Section 5 prospect


A comparison of Chinese and western nouns

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