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May 31, 2018

Professional characteristics

Based in Beijing, it takes the initiative to adapt to the needs of the talent market and improve the competitiveness of talents as the starting point to highlight the application. Enable students to master the basic principles of pharmaceutical technology and experiment [2], a combined biological and pharmaceutical technology carries on the preliminary scientific research ability and has the ability of independent design and improve the experiment scheme, with modern biological pharmaceutical enterprise management and product marketing aspects of the basic knowledge, understand the production technology of biological products, pharmaceutical and other related enterprises and the process, make the graduates have wide employment opportunities and strong competitiveness. [3]

Training goal

This specialized raise has the solid basic theory, basic knowledge of biotechnology and pharmacy, mastering modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical technology commonly used experimental process, preliminary understanding biotech pharmaceutical enterprise process of production and sales link, to be able to do modern biotechnology laboratories and biotechnology companies job of moral, intellectual, physical, all-round development of the technology applied advanced practical talents.

Students in this major should master biochemistry, biochemical separation analysis technology, biological technology and industrial pharmacy of basic theoretical knowledge and professional skills, with biological pharmaceutical research and production technology of basic training, after graduation can be engaged in biological medicine resources development, product development, production, technology management, quality control, etc.

Through learning, I will have the following abilities:

1. To master the basic theories and knowledge of chemical pharmaceutical, biological pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical preparation technology and engineering;

2. To master the technology and equipment design methods of pharmaceutical production equipment;

3. Having the initial ability to research, develop and design new resources, new products and new processes for pharmaceuticals;

4. Familiar with the national guidelines, policies and regulations on chemical and pharmaceutical production, design, research and development, environmental protection, etc.;

5. Understand the theoretical frontier of pharmaceutical engineering and preparation, and understand the development trend of new technology, new technology and new equipment.

6. Familiar with a foreign language, have the ability to listen, speak, read and write, master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data inquiry, and have certain scientific research and practical working ability.

Main courses

Biochemistry and biochemistry experiment, molecular biology and molecular biology, pharmacology and pharmacology experiment, pharmacy and pharmacy, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical technology, fermentation engineering, pharmaceutical and biological products inspection.

In addition to learn professional knowledge, but also related to classes of trainee, experimental operation (biochemistry and biochemistry experiment, molecular biology and molecular biology, pharmacology and pharmacology experiment, pharmacy and pharmacy) and internships, etc.

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