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Application of biotechnology
Jun 01, 2018

The application of traditional biotechnology

The application of modern biotechnology

Application of biotechnology

Application of biotechnology

The application of traditional biotechnology


Technique of microscope slide specimen making and dyeing technique isotope labeling technique tracer technique of soilless cultivation technique of crops breeding technique of microscope technique of photoelectric microscope technique of electron microscope

Application: cell (microscopic level, submicroscopic level) glass slide specimen preparation and staining technology

Application: isotope labeling tracer technique for studying cell structure and function

Application: to study the related problems of chemical substances in cells or in vivo, such as the location of a substance, the way of movement, and the mixing of substances.


At present, besides the application of biotechnology in human health, agriculture, industry and environment, there are also some applications in other fields.

Now to develop animal husbandry biological medicinal products company is becoming more and more used in animal health product market in the United States each year about $4 billion, the United States department of agriculture approved about 100 kinds of veterinary biological products, mainly to prevent animal diseases and vaccines and treatment of common diseases.

Biotechnology is also applied to the protection of rare wild animals. Through DNA identification, animal species are identified and their active areas are tracked.

The application of Marine biotechnology has led to the development of the survival of overfished Marine species on the verge of extinction. At the same time, it also provides a way for human to discover new drugs from rich Marine biological resources. For example, one of the toxins in the conch is an effective painkiller, and the sponge can be used as an anti-infective agent.

Biotechnology, applied to space development, can provide astronauts with a life-support environment for long-term space exploration. In addition, biotechnology is also used in human archaeology and criminal investigation. DNA analysis can be used to study the evolution of human population. DNA technology used in criminal investigations can help law enforcement identify criminals.

Biological terrorism

The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and subsequent anthrax cases in the United States have made most americans feel that future bioterrorism events are likely to occur and that the defense of bioterrorism must be paid attention to.

In the past, several U.S. biotech companies have worked with officials to come up with a defense strategy for biological weapons, but most of the trials have been simulated. Before 9/11, the U.S. department of health spent $50 million on bioterrorism research. But after 9/11, the budget went up dramatically. A bioterrorism bill passed in June appropriated $4.5 billion for bioterrorism at the homeland security department. Experts predict that bioterrorism will become a new area of defense, and that the United States will use biotechnology to defend against possible bioterrorism attacks. Bioterrorism will be closely linked to public health systems, traditional defense industries, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. After 9/11, the United States quickly developed a vaccine against anthrax and smallpox. About 24 us biotech companies are involved in other vaccine and drug research and development, with the us government paying 6. $400 million is being spent on stockpiling disease-related vaccines to prevent possible bioterrorism. For example, new antimicrobials and antiviral agents are being developed to treat pathogens that are already resistant to disease. A company is working on using monoclonal antibodies to remove toxins from the blood. Other products under development include special enzyme preparations for the repair of the environment that has been intentionally contaminated, rapid atmosphere monitors, diagnostic reagents for infectious agents, and new drug delivery systems.

The instance

Mitosis material change in the DNA replication in the process of photosynthesis Animal and plant cell distribution in biological body of material transportation hormones in the differentiation and transport layer animal embryo development research of genetic material found Soilless cultivation technology,

By using the principle of solution culture method, the needed in the process of plant growth and development of all kinds of mineral elements, according to certain proportion into the nutrient solution, and makes use of this nutrient solution to technology of cultivated plants.

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