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A long time to have effect
Jan 10, 2018

Many times we do not know how we should treat the disease. In fact, medical treatment is the most common method. However, choosing a drug is also a complicated matter.

Saquinavir mesylate capsules can not often eat, how long to have effect depends on people, different people are different.

In combination with other drugs, saquinavir mesylate capsules can be used to treat severe HIV infections, increase CD4 count and reduce the total amount of HIV in the blood. The major component is saquinavir, which in HIV-infected cells specifically cleaves the viral precursor protein so that the infectious virus particles eventually form. These viral precursor proteins have breakdown sites that can only be recognized by HIV and its closely related virus proteases. Saquinavir is a peptoid that structurally mimics this type of disintegration site.

The effect of saquinavir mesylate capsules for different people or different, as long as the effect of saquinavir mesylate capsules to have effect, usually based on the specific circumstances of each patient, such as: age, The cause of the disease, the onset time, degree of lesion, etc., the time required for the cure is different. However, it should be noted that patients taking medication saquinavir mesylate capsules must be treated by medication, so as to be able to recover more quickly.

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